Or take the lead to achieve the industrialization of new energy vehicles in China

The development of new energy vehicles has become the inevitable choice of adjust the structure of China's automobile industry, but due to some advantages, China is expected to take the lead to achieve the industrialization of new energy vehicles.
Xinhua news agency reported on December 27, due to the national electricity supply and urban infrastructure management concentration as well as the advantage of the advantages of the concentration of coal resources, China is expected to become the global first realize the industrialization of new energy vehicles, and countries.
It is reported, because oil dependency deepened, air pollution and traffic congestion problem is outstanding, the development of new energy vehicles become the inevitable choice of China's automobile industry structure adjustment. And on the building of national power grid, urban management, and energy of the coal resources concentrated in China, for new energy vehicles, especially the electric car to realize industrialization provides a unique condition.
BMW in greater China the senior manager in charge of electric Tian Sheng said, new energy vehicles has been listed as one of seven strategic emerging industries, this is a definite direction. While lowering the oil dependence on imported oil, in particular, is an important driving force in the development of electric vehicles. China power grid structure is relatively concentrated, state grid and southern grid is a large state-owned enterprises, such as relatively centralized management mode is of great benefit to the electric car infrastructure development. "Around the world, China's policy in the new energy vehicles drive strength is very big, there are 20 new energy vehicles experimental cities, including 6 new energy consumption subsidies to private, from the perspective of policy, government push will come to see, China is expected to become the first to realize the industrialization of new energy vehicles or one of the country."
National development research institute of Peking University, vice President of Peking University, said the electric car is another big advantage power concentrated production. "Electric vehicle emissions, actually just emissions are concentrated. As we know, disperse emissions the most difficult management, focus on power plant management is much better, especially heavy use. Focus on using the advantage of coal resources in China, can also reduce the dependence on foreign oil."
The first electric network CEO PangYi, Lin in the field of new energy vehicles, regardless of industry start time or industry scale, our country is not far behind any one country. Back on the world's biggest and fastest-growing market, has a strong and clear policy guidance to support the government management, if you can't create the world's biggest new energy automobile market, establishment of new energy vehicles industry paradigm in China, it would be a great regret.
Earlier science and technology minister wan gang, said China's new energy automotive innovation system has been basically established, new energy vehicles demonstrated and gradually expand to industrialization direction and will be in five years. In electric vehicle technology, our country with independent intellectual property rights has been established and applied to public transport and private car market characteristics of hybrid, electric, fuel battery, power system technology platform, forming the largest international electric auto parts industry and 35 technical standards, at the same time have the car battery, motor, the detection capability and technical facilities. In 2010 the national new energy car production is expected to 150000 units.

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